Monday, 16 April 2018

Is Instagram The Devil's Playground?- Instagram Seems To Have Very Little Censorship

Are Instagram Models or Fitness Models Really Just That?

Do not get me wrong ,i do love Instagram and think it is some what a really great social media.Telling stories using pictures and videos is amazing, beautiful and great. The downside to Instagram is its level of censorship.I say so because of the types of pictures on Instagram that seem to not raise red flags.I do believe there are real Instagram models and Instagram fitness models but they are very few.Or very few of them are legit because of the types of pictures you find on these so called model's Instagram accounts.It is sad that many are spoiling this titles.These so called models could fall under so many undesired titles but hide behind the Instagram fitness models or Instagram models title.

They seem to be hiding behind these titles to gain followers.You would ask why? There is a huge difference between artistic photography of the human physic and a plain nasty picture as an excuse of a modelling photo.A photo of a lady in a thong clearly displaying her behind earns her a huge following from little boys to teenagers, women to celebrities and men in general.Even women and young women to girls become an audience to them. When you see the amount and the type of following such people get it will leave you puzzled.But at the end of the day it just shows how people are glorifying such actions.These ladies because of their huge following get huge endorsement deals.Get to mix and party with the rich and famous.They get to be video vixens,get to accompany rich men on vacations and the list goes on. People instead of condoning such acts they are rewarding and putting these people on pedestals.An East African musician once confessed to a radio presenter that people these days have a huge following even more than music artists just because they take pictures with little to no clothes on suggestively.For me this is a darn shame and these are even now the people youngsters are looking up to.In Tanzania the current president has orders that anyone taking such photos be banned from getting work through such influence.This is a good idea cause how does one legally obtain a job for taking off their clothes.People are getting instant and easy fame by taking inappropriate pictures.

We have heard of many scandals involving the so called Instagram fitness models and Instagram models who easily catch the eyes of celebrities, skimmingly and easily get into these celebrities lives because they seem to be real life fantasies. We have strippers to porn stars prompting themselves on broad site on Instagram with huge followings. We have socialites too.When such things become normal then what are people teaching young stars.Are these the new role models?And this is happening on Instagram in broad daylight. Who needs to subscribe to playboy magazine when we've got Instagram.Because the photos there look too playboish if you ask anyone who has taken note of them.Do you have to post inappropriate suggestive photos showing your bear behind in order to be an Instagram model or Instagram fitness model?Is this the unspoken credential? Instagram seems to have little censorship and might as well be labelled as the devil's playground.Because these so called Instagram models are doing this proud and free.

It should not come as a huge shock that Kenyan teenagers and some youth both male and female are taking very suggestive and inappropriate pictures for fast,easy fame and social media likes.They are doing this in broad daylight.People out of disgust and concern came up with the hash tag #IfikieWazazi which means let this reach the parents.This was done to inform the parents of these young people who are mostly under age of the vices they are up to.What do we expect when adults seem to give people who take suggestive inappropriate pictures a free pass.Who is to blame? Is it the parents or the society.I would say both are to blame.I don't blame parents who do try to raise their children right under the bad circumstances of the society we live in.I mean a huge number of music videos on television and the Internet are full of tweaking ladies in skimpy outfits revealing their behinds and bodies. I believe you can wear anything but it is how you wear it that matters. There are parents who are not keen with what their kids are exposed to.Sorry to say your children may not have a stash of dirty magazines or playboy magazines but they have the Internet and also there is Instagram.Another sad reality is some parents are just like their kids or even worse.Well i mean,who are the ones posting and taking and liking and following the people with inappropriate photos.It is mostly the adults.

The bottom line is all the madness and craziness that is all around the social medias, Internet and television is trickling down to children and young adults.If majority of the content around isn't kid friendly what do you think?Children and young adults will not be exposed to things that are available everywhere? There is a place and time for everything and too much of anything is poisonous. Children and young adults need real mentors not broken and attention seeking mentors with shallow morals and maybe personality disorders. What message are we sending because actions speak loudest and influence the most...... Nobody is perfect we should try our best to influence each other positively.

A sociologist said we live in a society where people do things for short term gratification with long-term repercussions.These people who gain followers because of their very suggestive photos may land their fame,money and famous dates or husbands or wives.Because these husband's or wives will only get what they deserve but no child in the world in their right mind would love to have nude to semi-nude nasty pictures of their mother or father all over the Internet for the world to see and scrutinise.

I would like to make it clear i do believe there are genuine instagram models and instagram fitness models but there are alot of people who seem to be using and misusing these titles.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Baby Boo- Lyrics For The Month Of April By Angellyrics

Baby Boo Verse 1 Amah fill up my life with you, As you fill up your life with me, Amah surround my world with you, As you surround your world with me, Know what's real when i see it, And you are just about it, Got to give you a heads up, This is what's up, Chorus Baby boo, I'm so into you, Don't know what to do, I'm so into you, I'm so into you, Baby boo, Don't know what to do, Cause I'm so into you, I'm so into you, I'm so into you, Verse 2 So you want your everything, Well so be your everything, Cause you are my heaven, No letting go of my heaven, Like the moon always be there, When you think am not there, Got to give you a heads up, This is what's up, Chorus Bridge I can see it in your eyes, That you feel it too, I can see it in your heart, That you feel me too, Chorus

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Monday, 19 March 2018

Trey Songz Falsely Being Accused Of Allegedly Assaulting Andrea Buera

Are These The Things Some People Would Do For Money or Fame?

After the NBA all star weekend news broke of a woman claiming she was allegedly assaulted by singer Trey Songz.I live in Africa and know Trey Songz as a singer when some dominant white news networks in America refer to Trey as a rapper when they have to report any news about the star.It is plain ignorance because Trey is in the same Continent as these news networks and i am not but yet i am the one who can tell them that Trey Songz is an Rnb singer and not a rapper.

The story was that some woman claimed that she was slapped by Trey at a party because she was speaking to another man.She went to the hospital and also failed a police report but her injuries were minor.That was the first version of the story which was all over the media. Then the story changed when the alleged victim got a lawyer.Her lawyer is known as Lisa Bloom who filed a lawsuit.Lisa Bloom posted on Twitter the lawsuit because they were asking witnesses to come forward.This alleged incident happened at a party and so finding witnesses shouldn't be that hard.And now weeks after they have filed a restraining order against Trey Songz who has not been in contact with the alleged victim since the alleged incident.Talk about chasing the wind and trying to make storms in tea cups.The order was granted by a judge.

Andrea Buera the alleged victim together with her lawyer did a press conference after the restraining order was granted.They gave a different story from the first story saying, Trey chocked and punched her continuously even when she was on the ground as people watched.She even got a concussion and was throwing up at the hospital as a result.She claims Trey threw her two phones off a cliff when she tried calling for an uber taxi.She has pictures of her bruises which don't even match her story.Trey works out and if he would punch anyone continuously they would be more bruised than the evidence this woman is giving. All this looks staged someone did punch her in the face but it is not Trey Songz who did it.And one would wonder after all that how she got to the hospital and police station on her own.She has no witnesses to back her story.

Andrea claims she has been friends with Trey Songz for 3 years now.Well i guess Trey should be careful with his friends especially the ladies.Andrea Buera cried when giving her press conference asking for an apology which we all know is a cover up because all she wants is a fat pay check.When you win such a case you as the victim obviously get paid by the accused.Most of the time people who cry when making statements are liars trying to make their stories more convincing. The alleged victims lawyer Lisa Bloom has a history of defending opportunistic women. Yes ,i am a lady and believe strongly in women's rights but i can't defend other women blindly because some women would do anything for money or fame.I don't have the stomach for such women. I stand for gender equality and violence against women is not something i can ever stand by. There are two versions of the story of the alleged assault. Only liars keep changing their stories.

Lisa Bloom

Lisa Bloom the alleged victims lawyer is known for many cases that didn't hold much water for luck of a better word i would say shady cases.She represented Ushers alleged accuser and many clients with questionable characters.Now you do the math cause she looks like a circus lawyer.Lisa is just a plain circus lawyer who makes a mockery of feminism and serious lawyers.She is someone who is polluting real causes and taking advantage of real causes. I hope these people using the law to take advantage of others get shamed for doing so.It is sad that some women play fake victims when there are real victims out there. I wish Trey wasn't friends with a woman like Andrea who many people didn't have anything nice to say about when they saw her in the press conference.She fits the profile of the women who are busy selling themselves to the highest bidder on social media and in the clubs or social settings.I am sorry to say that these are the twisted women who easily get to rub shoulders with the elite members of the society.I am a huge fan of Trey Songz but i will correct him on such female friends because there are Delailas out there who know how to hunt their prey well.

Because of this incident Trey posted on Twitter, @TreySongz: "I've met so many girls and it's like they're same". This is sad because it shows he has lost or he is loosing trust in women.And he is justified to feel this way.All i can tell Trey is not all women are the same or opportunists.Work on your law of attraction and thought process when it comes to women.Not all women are the same because not all of us are busy selling ourselves in skimpy little outfits to zero outfits on social media and in social settings.And getting all the attention no matter the cost.Some women know that if they want to land the biggest endorsements and the richest men all they have to do is show off their bodies on social media.And men fall for it like fools everytime. There is just too much vanity in the world and real ones are becoming harder and harder to find.It is sad that bad girls are so in fashion right now.That being the case my advice to guys is if you want true females around leave the good girls or bad girls that are so much fan or no fan.And just find girls who are real and don't play roles and everything will fall into place.Find people who are just living their lives not acting out their lives.Such girls still do exist in this twisted society where bad is being praised so much.But i just maybe preaching to the choir cause its easier said than done.And i just might be labeled a hater by the so called slay queens, lol. Trey minus all the unbelievable hype is an inspiration to me and so many others and so we never give up, all will be well, this too shall pass.Everything we face is a test which we will pass and learn lessons that help us positively grow.

As some women may fight against Trey Songz so many other women will fight for Trey always because women also fight for their sons, brothers and friends. And it isn't about picking sides but fighting for what is right always. In my own opinion Trey Songz is a gentle man who was raised well by amazing strong women.He was raised around women and respects women.What he may be doing is,he may be giving too much attention to the wrong type of women just like many male celebrities do.If Trey recognizes that and changes that he may start singing a whole new song about women not all being the same.

While writing this article i kept searching for Andrea Buera and nothing was coming up online.This was rather weird until yesterday i saw an article thanks to some of Trey Songz fans.Turns out that Andrea, if that is her real name is maybe a stripper and some of her pictures were leaked online.I guess i wasn't wrong about this lady because my description of her even before people found out about her was on point.There are people you just can't trust in this world and i say that over and over again.

Everybody can tell that Andrea is a liar.I can only pray that Trey Songz and many others artists who let such people into their lives learn a lesson from this.Some things will always come back to bite you.Some people who keep you company are the worst type of company.And all these i say with love for someone i look up to.I am not saying discriminate, all i am saying is that there are some ways some stories always play out.I do believe Trey Songz all the way but i cant help but feel kind of disappointed.I hate being the one who has to write this article,point out Andrea's profession but i have to for people to see the type of woman we are dealing with and sometimes the trouble one may get into when you associate yourself with some people.

  1. I won’t be speaking too much more on this but would like to thank you for all the prayers and support. 🙏🏾❤️💪🏾
  2. For weeks my lawyers & Mgmt have asked me not to comment on this and I initially agreed but this morning I feel that my fam, the women that raised me, my friends & fans especially the youth need to hear from me. I am being lied on and falsely accused for someone’s personal gain

Trey Songz finally commented on the issue and confirms that all these are lies .I PRAY THAT THE TRUTH WILL SET HIM FREE.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Celebrities Enriching Young Black Minds-Black Panther

Celebrities Who Paid For Kids To Watch The Movie Black Panther

Black Panther is a 2018 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Black Panther.The story is set in Africa, displaying African cultural motifs, and acted by Africans in a wide variety of roles" and also African Americans.This is the first movie with an African American director given a budget upto the aCelebrities Enriching Young Black Minds mount it was given.This movie protrays a positive outlook of the African community all over the world.In some movies the black guy is always killed off and never survives to the end of the film.In other films black characters are the pimps,drug dealers, gangsters and drug addicts.Black Panther sends out the good message that black people can also be superheroes and be as positive and successful as any other race.And that is the strong message that has to be sent to Africans all over the world especially young impressionable minds.

 A number of celebrities paid for a large number of children to watch this movie.This is a positive way of enrichment. This is a way of enriching young black minds into believing in themselves as a people.Children are very impressionable and if you teach them to believe in themselves you give them the best foundation for future successful and upright individuals. By painting a positive picture you get a positive outcome. 

Trey Songz

 A special showing of “Black Panther” was held for children in Petersburg thanks to the Angels with Heart Foundation.This is a charity foundation created by the singer Trey Songz and run by his mother. The foundation purchased tickets and concessions for 100 kids to see the blockbuster film. Trey Songz is a native of Petersburg. The kids were part of the Let’s Move After School program hosted by Petersburg Parks and Leisure Services as well as the Boys and Girls Club and basketball and softball teams. "Black Panther" has been breaking box office records since it was released and has reached $1 billion in worldwide ticket sales.


Multi-talented actress/singer Zendaya joined together with progressive activist and entrepreneur Michael Skolnik to take over 300 school children from the hometown of Oakland to see a special screening of Black Panther .

 Kendrick Lamar and Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith 

Grammy winners Kendrick Lamar and Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith bought out five showings at three cinemas in Los Angeles so children living in the city's Watts housing project​ could view the film during its opening weekend .

 Travis Scott 

Rapper/singer Travis Scott rented two theaters in Stafford, Texas, so local kids could watch the movie for free. 

Big Boi and T.I.

Atlanta rappers Big Boi and T.I. also did the same.T.I. partnered with Walmart to give out 300 free tickets to a local Black Panther premiere screening, and Big Boi arranged for patients housed in hospice care to also see the film for free. 

 If there are more celebrities i have not mentioned, please let me know in the comments section and also let me know what you think of the movie and how you feel about celebrities paying for children to see this Black Panther?

Monday, 26 February 2018

The Man Building His Empire With The Stones Thrown At Him -Trey Songz

It's has been a long road since Trey Songz released his first single "Gotta Make It". Trey's music career has slowly but surely grown over the years.His musical talent is clearly amazing.It was not an easy or fast rise to the top for Trey.And he is greatful for that cause he says it made him the person he is right now.Trey always speaks of his challenges, dedication and hardwork.He does so inorder to encourage others to believe in their dreams too.He also does his best to give back to the community.He also mentors young upcoming musicians like Mike X Angel.Trey Songz has upto date seven studio albums which are all successful. He also has numerous mixtapes.He is one of the most hardworking musicians out there.If he is not in the studio recording music.He is mostly doing show after show after show after show.And you would see him tweet saying he needs to work harder.

Trey has had his share of dirt thrown his way.Through all the stones and dirt thrown his way.His fans stick by him because of what he represents in their lives.They choose to not believe the accusations that have no merit which come by from time to time.I guess these are trials that appear on Trey's way.Trey has a huge fan base which are mostly ladies.

The lawyer looking for the apparent witnesses for the case on Twitter

The lastest accusations come from a lady who is accusing Trey Songz of apparently slapping her at a party because she was talking to another man.She even filed a police report.And got a lawyer who was looking for witness over Twitter.Which makes this look like another false allegation against Trey.If you slap someone at a party you will not need to look for witnesses because many people will see what exactly happened.

My advice to Trey Songz and other influential people is you are easy targets.Its like you always have a sniper aiming at you like the spotlight that shines on you, on and off the stage.You have to be careful with the people around you.Some people don't see the hard-work and sweat.All they see is an easy paycheck and a walking bank account.

As a celebrity or influential person you have to be weary of the people around you both men and women.Many people will want to be around you.Just afew of them will be genuine. Some people will do anything to get a piece of your fortune and fame.

The women who mostly have easy access to celebrities and influential people are sadly the ones who are busy selling themselves to the highest bidders.The truth being all that glitters is not gold or diamonds.It is simply people who are selfish and full of vanity.There is nothing wrong with wanting the finer things in life but it's best to always remember to keep it real.I always say,stay away from females who would do anything for money.Because that digs deep into ones values and character.But ironically these types of ladies are the kind men worship the ground they walk on.The fruit that seems very delicious will be a life lesson.

I love Treyz tweet that said"This too shall pass" and it sure will pass.Trey has and is building his empire with the stones thrown at him.He is keeping on no matter what is thrown his way.There is no backing down for this amazing musician who has come so far.It is sad that people now and then try to get a piece of his hard earned fortune.With faith and lots of love from family,fans and friends.Trey will always make it through any rain and into the sunshine.He will work through the negatives to get the positives that are in life because that's what he has been doing all along.