Monday, 21 August 2017

Thank God Trey Songz Got Probation For Detroit Stage Incident

December last year Trey Songz got arrested after destroying a stage at a concert in the city of Detroit and for allegedly punching a police officer.This happened when his performance had been cut short by people who he knew well and had worked with for years.Trey confirmed this in an interview.Reports said that he was cut short because of the curfew of the city of Detroit but Chris Brown performed after him.Him being cut off had nothing to do with curfew.And Trey also confirmed the stuff he destroyed on stage were actually his own equipment.

But all this landed him in trouble.I bet this months before his final trial have been agony for him and his family. Because what he was being accused of carries a one year jail term.I personally just couldn't see him going to jail, not Trey.I may not know him personally but for all i know .Trey Songz is an okay individual.He may not be perfect but at the end of the day he was raised right.He is alright and has a good head over his shoulders.Jail would have been bad for him as a person his family and his music career.Thank God Trey Songz got 18 months probation.

Trey Songz reached a plea deal of probation on Friday from the incident in December last year. The singer not rapper like some American television network called him will also attend anger management classes and be ordered to drug tests.Ok 18 months seems long but this deal is not so shabby because it is way better than jail.Tremaine Neverson's charges were aggravated assault and assaulting a police officer and both charges were dropped as part of the plea deal.He pled guilty for disturbing the peace.

He apologized to the city on Friday, saying “I love Detroit” and declaring he had no intentions of causing a disturbance. It is great that prayers were heard and the hard part is behind now.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

What Is The Highlight of The Kenyan Elections 2017?-Mr.Githeri Man Stole The Show The 2017 Kenyan

What Was The Highlight of The Kenyan Elections 2017?

Elections like many were marked with long lines.All one could do according to the length of your line is just line up and wait for your turn.One man was spotted with a bag of githeri which is a local delicacy of cooked maize and beans.I guess he needed a snack to help him through the queuing to vote.Someone took a picture of this man having his snack and this seems to be the highlight of the Kenyan Elections.

This picture has gone viral and has been photo shopped so many times cause that was a funny scene to see.People are now calling him Mr.Githeri #MrGitheriMan and there is a #Mr.GitheriManChallenge. People in media houses were even looking for the man.A radio presenter even offered cash to anyone who will get the man to that radio station.And they all did find him and interviewed him because he is now a famous person on social media.This mystery man having a snack actually lit the election mood and gave people something to laugh about.Here are the photos.

At Wiz kidz concert

At Citizen Televison Station

In Lords of the rings

Kenya Rugby Team

Monday, 7 August 2017

Were These Fans Joking or Plain Disrespectful to Jason Derulo On Twitter?-Jason Fires Back At Fans That Seemed Disrespectful

Singer, songwriter Jason Derulo hardly replies to fans on Twitter.He is mostly posting photos or just posting bits of his life and promoting himself and his music.A reply to a fans tweet by him would actually get anyone's attention.And Jason did reply to afew fans who seemed disrespectful by saying he doesn't have a car and can't afford gas money for a car.Though the fans ended up saying they were joking.

The fans never put lols at the end of their statements or even apologised.They even continued with the jokes even after Jason replied them twice putting them in their place.Fans forget that celebrities are only human like anyone else.They work so hard to get to where they are only for a fan to down play them.It is OK to stand up for yourself as a celebrity against fans who seem disrespectful.It is even sad that other fans joined in and were disrespectful to Jason.Are these even true fans to begin with.I guess fame comes with love and the opposite.

Here is the conversation went:

Jason Derulo:Need a ride

Fan 1:how he gon offer up someone else's car like we ain't see that he's riding shotgun

Fan2:He be the type to not even have gas money on top of everything

Jason Derulo:ya'll make me laugh!!! I made more money tonight at my concert then you'll make in seven years. Go to sleep 😴 bih

Fan2:You sound a lil mad sis You don't know what a joke is?

Fan1:Yo, I don't even know, mah dude. I just posted my little joke and went on my way, tbh. LMAO

Jason Derulo:Yours was a joke but I was dead ass serious! #7years

After this conversation the fans never seemed apologetic.Even when you joke and someone doesn't get the joke.If that was truly a joke.If your heart was in the right place it never hurts to apologise.Jason seems like one of the politest celebrities out there so if you can piss him off.You are most likely to be one hundred percent on the wrong side.I never favour celebrities just cause they are celebrities so that's not why i am on Jason's side on this.I call it as it is.

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    Yours was a joke but I was dead ass serious!
  2. really out here acting like his last hit song wasn't ago anyway lol
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    But what does money have to do with being on the passenger seat?
  4. Nah my new favorite artist !!!! Can you please make a song called 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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